Tim Mayotte

by thriding

Tim Mayotte was a tall American serve-and-volley player, probably best known to British fans. 

He reached a QF and a SF at the Australian Open, and a QF at the US Open, but enjoyed the bulk of his success at Wimbledon: in 11 visits he reached a SF, 5 x QF, 3 x 4R. In 1987 and 1988 he finished the year in the top 10.

In the 1980s Wimbledon seeds were still determined by a committee and Mayotte’s grass court record ensured respectful seeding for him. For example in 1990 he was the 6th seed while ranked no.14. Usually he survived until he faced one of the top players. Here are some of the players who beat him:

  • 1982 – McEnroe
  • 1983 – Curren
  • 1984 – Connors
  • 1985 – Becker
  • 1986 – Lendl
  • 1988 – Lendl
  • 1989 – Edberg

His final visit to Wimbledon was in 1991, ranked 92. Nonetheless he reached the R16 once again, falling to Guy Forget, who was the world no.8 at the time.

He appeared a few times at Queens as well, winning the trophy in 1986. He faced Connors in the final, having beaten Woodforde, Pate, Becker and Edberg en route.

Between 1985 and 1989 he won 12 titles, all on quick surfaces, eight indoors.

At the 1988 Seoul Olympics he won the silver medal, losing to Mecir in the final.

His wikipedia page is here and his ATP profile here.

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